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Breakfast in the bistro requires bright functional lighting. People are generally in a hurry and often require plenty of light to read their morning newspaper. LED mood lighting is not required at this time of day.
Lunch is still a busy time but generally a less formal affair than breakfast. Ideal lighting would require the fluorescent lights to still be brightly lit but the atmosphere is helped by having the LED wall washers slowly fading through a selection of pastel colours.
Childrens Party
A childrens party calls for vibrant colours provided by the RGB LED’s
The colour changing can be less subtle than usual. The fluorescents can be dimmed a little.
Early Evening
Early evening needs bright cheerful lighting to attract in customers on their way home from work.
The LED’s can be cross fading in quite strong secondary colours and the fluorescents dimmed to a more relaxing level.
Late Evening
As the evening wears on the lighting needs to become more intimate.
Dynamic cross fading can be replaced with static warm rich colours, and the fluorescents can be dimmed to almost nothing.
Exit Sequence Example
Lights turn on full when the sequence is triggered and runs for a pre determined length of time to allow the staff time to leave. When the time expires lights fade to darkness. Once all the lights are out a PIR detector can be armed that will turn on lights if anyone enters the bistro.
Typical LiteSwitch Application Example
Imagine a cafe/bistro that opens in the morning for breakfast, lunches and then stays open into the evenings when it provides a more intimate restaurant atmosphere.

In the relatively quiet period between lunchtime and early evening the bistro is available to host private events The bistro is lit by a combination of dimmable fluorescent tubes and RGB wall washing and bar area led flood lights.

The Liteswitch can be used to control the lighting for each period during the day.
Each setting could be selected manually by the staff from the keypad or as part of a daily schedule controlled by the real time clock functions.

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