#HPAGE1 #HPAGE2 #HPAGE3 #APP1 #APP2 #APP3 #APP4 #APP5 #APP6 #RESEL1 #RESEL2 LiteSwitch - Intelligent, Programmable, DMX Lighting Controller

The increased use of DMX lighting fixtures such as LEDS in architectural
applications, has increased the need for a control system that allows
even the least technical person to create impressive lighting designs.
The Liteswitch is a DMX lighting controller that has been conceived with
one aim in mind, operational simplicity.

Colours, intensities, dynamic effects and immensely complex lighting
programs can be called up by the push of a single button. It is able to
control up to 350 DMX channels and its power is further enhanced by
the provision of real time clock functions, PIR sensing, daylight detection
and general purpose remote switching functions.

All this can be programmed from the keypad using the simple menu
system without the need to plug in an external computer. For those
with more experience in the entertainment lighting world, the Liteswitch
snapshot mode allows them to use their favourite control desk or PC
based control system to set up their lights.

It is elegantly engineered into a compact single gang UK wall plate
allowing it to fit into any standard 47 mm single gang wall box or dry
lining box. An infrared remote is available that further simplifies the

Typical Master Slave Installation

Scene Changing
In the normal working mode, the 12 keys select one of the possible
124 functions. The function is assigned to the key in the menu.
Pressing F2 and F4 together selects. Scene 000, which is all off.

Timed Event
If any timed events are programmed the unit switches to the
programmed event as that time in the week is reached. This
function will be over ridden by the next timed event or the next
key pressed. Timed events can be globally enabled or disabled.
In addition, individual timed events can be set to occur in
darkness, only in daytime or all the time.
Remote Control

As well as the obvious advantages offered  by remote control,
the Liteswitch remote further simplifies the operation of the system.
Direct access to up to forty eight functions is given. Also provided
are simple master brightness  and blackout  control. It is even
possible to modify the speed and cross fade times of chases